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My Experiences



The Open Bar

 My job duties as a security bouncer and barback involve keeping an open bar safe and fully stocked with all kinds of drinks. Whether I'm checking IDs, monitoring the crowd, or keeping the bar tidy and organized, I take pride in ensuring that guests are having a great time while being safe and comfortable.


Sun-Life Organics

Worked as a manager, My daily routines involed dictating co-workers, Invernotry, checking sales & revenue, openinig & closing. 


Outside Service (MCC)

At MCC I organized and planned tee-times, tournaments, helped members with golf related questions etc. Working at MCC helped me build faster confidence &  personal relationships with many of the members. The friendly environment & the people I interacted with made it an amazing place to work.

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2022- Current 

University of San Diego

As a student athlete and future entrepreneur, my education is a top priority. I am currently attending the University of San Diego and will be graduating in May of 2024 with a Bachelor of Business Administration. I am also a member of the university's rugby team and enjoy the challenge of balancing academics and athletics. 


Santa Rosa Jc

Attended Santa Rosa junior college, Back up north in pursing my Business admin degree. The 2 years I was there I made Deans highest honors award aswell as Business Admin AST- with honors. Not just that I played Juco foobtall for the school in trying to contune my college playing career.

Full CV & Resume 

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